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Monday, July 24, 2006

Blanchard Valley Conference pigskin!

There's not much time left. A week or so and conditioning will begin and a new prep football season will be underway.

There was a time when the BVC didn't earn much respect outside of the conference. That's definitely not the case anymore.

Hardin Northern's success in the playoffs under Pete Brunow has helped to change all of that. The BVC is now one of the most well-respected small school football conference's in the entire state. As well it should be.

I might not have said that when I first started at The Courier back in 1995 but with HN and McComb's past playoff success coupled with a Liberty-Benton program that is playing at its highest level ever you can't deny the BVC is a solid small-school football conference.

I always said it was tough to compare the play in the BVC compared to many other conferences because it was virtually insulated. You played one non-conference game in high school and all of your other games from the varsity level on down to junior high were played against fellow conference schools.

It's too bad they only get to play one non-conference game a year. I'd love to see a Hardin Northern-Columbus Grove or McComb-Carey match up every single year. But with a 10-team league it's the nature of the beast.

On to a question for today...

Which football teams would you rate as the BVC's best since the league was formed in 1965?

And which coaches would you want to lead you out on the field as a player and why?

Metzger, Berry, Brunow, Banning, Alge, Garlock or someone else?


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