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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wow what an opening night

All I can say is wow what an opening weekend of high school football around the area.

Two overtime games, a couple of one point games, a two-point win and a three-point decision. Those are some clooooose games!

The game that surprised me the most was Pandora-Gilboa’s 28-27 win over Columbus Grove. I’ll admit it. I was blindsided, I just didn’t see it coming. After all, B.J. Queen is Pandora-Gilboa’s third coach in three years, the Rockets were 1-9 last season, Grove is the defending NWC tri-champs, P-G has a relatively small roster, we had trouble even getting a roster from them. Everything just screamed CG victory.
Let me now express my heartfelt apologies to the Rockets. Wow you played a whale of a game and have a bright future ahead this season and in future seasons.

Everyone on the Internet was making a big deal about Hardin Northern’s varsity not scoring a touchdown in scrimmages against Hopewell-Loudon and Allen East. Pete Brunow….you old sandbagger you. I wouldn’t want to take him on in poker after seeing what his offense did to Ada yesterday.

Good luck to the rest of the BVC against the Polar Bears this season. They have speed to burn and if you give guys like quarterback Cory Brunow or running back’s Travis Bolen and most of all three-time all-Ohio track sprinter Nathan Bame any kind of seem, they are going to take it to the house.

I’m not sure I can think of a defense in the conference that can match up against speed like that. But giving up 515 yards passing to Ada is troublesome. I’m sure the Bear defense will get better as the year goes on though.

It’s going to be a fun year.

Tomorrow a little on how we got the games yesterday and other tidbits in the Noteworthy section.


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