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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Going camping

NFL players will report for training camp during the next week or so. Big Ben won't be the only former area prep player competing for a job in the NFL this year.

Former Findlay High School and Ohio State University kicked Josh Huston signed a free agent deal with the Chicago Bears and will report to their training camp to compete for a roster spot.

Former Ada standout and Kent State University starter Josh Brazen signed with Buffalo and will work out with the Bills at training camp as a punter.

Of course, Big Ben recovering from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident last month will begin working out at Steelers Camp in Latrobe, Pa. later this week.

Even though I am a big Browns fan, I still hope Big Ben is fully recovered from his injuries. When the Browns beat the Steelers this year, I don't want to hear any excuses because Ben wasn't in the lineup. Plus I wouldn't wish those injuries on anyone not even a Pittsburgh quarterback.

I'll tell you honestly, I never expected Big Ben to be as good as he's been ever since he came into the NFL. Bt the Super Bowl ring on his finger speaks for itself.

What about the other two NFL hopefuls -- Huston and Brazen. Well, I figure they are probably longshots to make their teams. But a good training camp showing might get them an invite back next season and another shot. Buffalo's starting punter went to training camp three straight seasons with the Bills before he finally made the team.

Even if Huston and Brazen don't make the team and they perform well, they'll get another shot eventually.

Three questions

Will Ben have another terrific season and will he lead the Steelers to the Super Bowl?

Will Huston and Brazen be wearing an NFL uniform at the end of training camp?

And who will be the area's next NFL player be? The only area major college player I can even think of is Fostoria's Marcus Hyde who will be a freshman at Michigan State.


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