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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Getting into the swing

OK I have to make a correction on yesterday’s blog. Arlington does have a few 200-pounders on the roster. Five to be exact. The Red Devils aren’t too big but what Division VI school is? Still I think it might be a difficult year for the boys from Flag Village USA. The did graduate 17 seniors and one of the fastest kids in Ohio in quarterback Jared Krout. We shall see soon because the season starts in about a week and a half.

I have been spending my time working on golf previews. Yep football isn’t the only sport in the fall. Golf and tennis are already underway. Boys and girls soccer and cross country are next with volleyball after that. There are more area athletic teams in the fall than in the winter and spring combined.

My partner in crime at The Courier Mark Heiman isn’t a big fan of high school golf. He thinks it shouldn’t be a school-sponsored sport. He says it’s too big of a drain on a school’s athletic department resources. While I respect his opinion, I can’t agree. Thousands of kids in Ohio play on prep golf teams each fall. It’s one of the few high school sports that people continue to play throughout the lifetime.

Just like a lot of people show disdain for high school soccer programs because it takes away from other sports like football and most of all cross country. If there is interest I say let them play it. I’m not the biggest soccer fan but if it means kids are out there playing sports I’m all for it.

Just so today’s blog isn’t all opinion here is some information…

Preseason Football Polls from NW Ohio
North Central Conference
1. Wynford............100 (12)
2. Crestline...........77
3. Bucyrus.............75 (1)
4. Buckeye Central.....59
5. Ontario.............54
6. Colonel Crawford....49
7. Lucas...............31
8. Riverdale...........23

Midland Athletic League
1. Hopewell-Loudon.........93 (9)
2. Mohawk..................79 (2)
3. Seneca East.............77 (1)
4. Tiffin Calvert..........55
5. Carey...................50
6. Fremont St. Joseph......38
7. North Baltimore.........28
8. Fostoria St. Wendelin...14

Northern Ohio League
1. Bellevue 136 points (12)
2. Fostoria 116 points (4)
3. Tiffin Columbian 115 points (2)
4. Shelby 78
5. Willard 69
6. Upper Sandusky 50
7. Norwalk 49
8. Galion 20

Firelands Conference
1. St. Paul 126 points (14)
2. Monroeville 105 points (1)
3. Ashland Crestview 90 (1)
4. Western Reserve 78
5. South Central 69
6. Plymouth 38
7. New London 36
8. Mapleton 23

Ohio Cardinal Conference
1. West Holmes (4) 73
2. Orrville (5) 71
3. Ashland 64
4. Madison 51
T5. Wooster (2) 47
T5. Mansfield Senior 47
7. Clear Fork 32
8. Lexington 11

Suburban Lakes League Coaches Poll
1. Eastwood (5)
2. Elmwood (1)
3. Otsego
4. Lake
5. Genoa
T6. Woodmore
T6. Lakota
8. Gibsonburg


  • At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Keep up the good work. I enjoy the blog. Have thoughtnfor a long time that The Courier should let each of their sportswriters pen a weekly column instaed of every third or fourth week as currently done. Each writer would have his own specific day for his column to appear or it could vary from week to week...Enjoy reading Mark Heiman but cannot agree with his thought of doing away with golf as a varsity sport. I rarely golf and my sons play football in the fall but it allows some of their friends an opportunity to be involved in a high school sport. I know there are expenses involved but if we take that tact then which other sports do we eliminate. I'm glad we have a cross country program and am certain it is not self supporting. I don't know if any sports are truly self-supporting. So should we do away with them and go to club programs as in other countries? I certainly hope not.

    By the way, my neighbor and I have often thought it would be fun to have you over to his backyard for bbq and to throw a couple back and just talk sports. We enjoy your work.

    I'd better wrap this up. Say hello to Dave Hanneman for me. Always enjoy talking to the Putnam County Flash.


  • At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Jamie,

    Great job being an advocate for High school sports. I was wondering if you could help me with something. How long is Hopewell-Loudon's current regular season winning streak and who was the last team to beat them? I know it is in the 20's as their last loss was when they were 8-2 in 2003.

  • At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Blue Devil 2 said…

    To answer the person asking about the last team to beat Hopewell-Loudon...Carey beat Hopewell Loudon twice in 2003. First during the regular season on Sept 12 by a score of 24-14 and the second time during the first playoff game that year, 31-14.


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