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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back to Big...

Spent much of the day watching Findlay go through their drills on the first day of camp and I was impressed..especially with the athletic ability of their linemen. Acheson is a man-mountain and should have a terrific season for the Trojans.

I wrote a story on the opening day of football practice focused around Findlay High School and what they do.... click on the local sports link

Unfortunately, I had too much information and simply couldn't get everything in the story.

Ritzler on what he wanted to see out of his team on the first day of practice...

"We’ve got certain things, certain plays and certain steps we want to see accomplished. But the big thing out here on the first day is just to see some intensity, some spirit. We want to see some hustle. We’re trying to pick up the pace. We want to get in and get out and get everything done we need to do in the process. Getting them used to the setting and tempo of practice that’s what we want to do today."

Ritzler on the earlier start to the practice season allowed by the OHSAA...

"With a team that throws the ball a lot we always used our 10 days we have for instruction for 7-on-7s and we have gotten a lot out of it. What the extra time this year does for us is that it gives us a little more space between our first and second scrimmages. Last year we scrimmaged on Tuesday and we scrimmaged on Friday. There wasn’t a lot of time to change things and to work on things. Now we are able to scrimmage on a Friday and then the following Friday. There’s a lot more time to put additional things in and make more corrections. It will pace things out better and be easier for kids mentally. They’ll have some time to find out what they did wrong and will be able to adjust and correct those mistakes before we go into our first game. As a coach, I wasn’t sure about it at first but now I kind of like it."

Ritzler on what he remembers about two-a-days...
"I remember the heat. I remember hot, I remember long but I also remember fun. It was football all day long for three or four weeks before school started it was all about football. It was a good time. It was like being a professional, during two-a-days you didn’t have to worry about being in school or classes it was all about football."
"I can remember sitting up against the building here because it was the only place there was any shade and eating a packed lunch with all the other sophomores. As sophomores once in awhile one kid disappears and doesn’t make it back. Football isn’t for every kid, this is the week when you decide if you love football enough to deal with the two-a-days in the heat and humidity."

Senior lineman Terner Acheson on two-a-days
"If you love the game of football you’ve got to love two-a-days. The weather is the worst part but it’s cooler today luckily.

The best thing today is the team practice and getting some of our plays in because that’s when you start to get into that football mentality. You remember how it was from last year and it gets you jacked up and ready to play. That’s the greatest part, getting the pads on and doing some hitting. Day 5 when you can you finally start making contact...that’s what everyone really looks forward too.

Sophomore back Danny Case
"Everyone talks about how tough it is but I haven’t found it to be too bad. Of course the derbies are the hardest part. We usually have to do two of those in the morning but today we only had to do one. That’s our conditioning in the morning.

The best part of today was 7-on-7s and getting a chance to go up against some of our other receivers and defenders. Without hitting it just isnt the same, though. I can’t remember if it’s next Monday or Wednesday when we get to hit but I can’t wait!"

Acheson (6-2, 260), Ryan Kuhlman (6-3, 225), and Luke Wiler (5-11, 215) are all returning first teamers at either the all-district or all-league levels. Chris Schneider (6-2, 235) is also a returning all-league and district pick and is probably one of the biggest HS quarterbacks you're ever going to find. Returning kicker Brandon Walker, another senior, was a first team all-Ohio pick.

FHS features 13 returning letterwinners, 10 of which are seniors.

I'm pretty sure another solid year is in the offing for the Trojans. I'm not going out on a limb and predict a season record though.

Tomorrow stay tuned for a rant about the new OHSAA new policy regarding divisions.


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