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Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday...the start of the week

I took a couple of days off from blogging. Not because I wanted to mind you.

There were plenty of things to write about, but as probably many of you out there understand, family obligations always come first so I spent my Saturday celebrating my nieces and brother’s birthdays and playing Euchre with my family Saturday night after the Buckeyes took care of Joe Pa’s Nittany Lions.

My brother Matt and I were crowned the family champions.

Well we are officially halfway through the prep football season. One of the two No.1 state-ranked teams from the area fell from the ranks of the unbeaten last weekend as Patrick Henry had its long regular season and NWOAL winning streak snapped by those Evergreen Vikings. Interestingly enough it was one of the topic of conversations over the weekend as my sister-in-law Penny is an Evergreen graduate.

All good things must come to an end and it’s been an awesome run by the Patriots over the past four seasons. Fear not Patriots, all you have to do is get it together next week and beat Delta to stay in the hunt for the league title. They know what it feels like to lose now and sometimes learning what that feels like during the seasons helps motivate a team to do bigger and better things later on. Hopefully that will be the case for Patrick Henry.

All good things must begin somewhere too. And I’m wondering when things are going to start getting a little better for the University of Findlay football team. Man they are scuffling right now. They haven’t scored a touchdown in 12 quarters. That’s an amazing statistic when you consider all of the weapons and high-powered offenses in college football today even at the NCAA Division II level.

I don’t have anything to base this on but you have to think that UF football coach Dan Simrell might just be on the hot seat. The Oilers have struggled mightily over the last two seasons and the Oilers drew a little over 1,100 fans (announced) for last weekend’s home game against Wayne State. I just have a gut feeling that if he doesn’t turn things around, soon, they’ll be a new head football coach at the University of Findlay next season.

This is the beginning of the end for area golf teams this week. Sectionals for Division II and III schools get underway Thursday. About the only two teams in the area that I see that might have a chance to make it to Columbus this season are Liberty-Benton and Van Buren. Lima Central Catholic and Fremont St. Joseph appear to be the best of the Northwest but there will be two other state tournament bids available in a week and a half at the Division III district at Sugar Creek near Lima. We’ll know more later this week.

GOOD GAME?: Moral victories? I’m not into them. Black and white, win or lose. Sure the Browns played better Sunday but I still can’t feel good about a loss to the Ravens even if it did come in the final seconds. Anyone want to trade places this morning with Charlie Frye? He was sacked so many times yesterday I bet he spends all of today in an ice bath. I think I’m going to start growing my beard as a protest until the Browns get their first win -- let’s hope it comes this season.

QUESTIONS ANYONE: Anyone have any questions you want me to ask OHSAA Commissioner Dr. Dan Ross? Mark Heiman and I will be attending the annual Associated Press Sportswriter’s Workshop in Columbus Wednesday. Yep it is our day off but we’re still going because like with any occupation you have to get new ideas once in awhile to do your job better. One of the segments will feature a question and answer session with Ross. SO if anyone had something you want me to ask Ross leave it in the feedback and I’ll ask it and post the answer later in the week.

WHAT WERE WORKING ON: Dave Hanneman has Fuzzy Zoeller’s visit to Findlay today for the Julie Cole Charity Golf benefit covered look for that in Tuesday’s paper. I’ll be writing a sectional golf preview and talking to Vanlue AD Dan Hartsel about their not being able to find a girls basketballl coach. In addition, I’m working on a story on area mascots, talking to the kids behind the costumes. We’ll also have a story on the Prep Extra page about former Patrick Henry quarterback Zack George, a starter for the Wayne State football team, who will undergo season-ending knee surgery this week.

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  • At 12:20 PM, Anonymous John Montgomery said…

    I've been trying to find your E-mail. I finally got full results from the Cardinal Stritch Invitational held Saturday. Send me an E-mail at and I'll shoot the stuff over to you.
    Keep on bloggin!:)

  • At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You forget Lima Bath for DII?

  • At 5:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Interesting fact: the last two teams to beat Patrick Henry in the regular football season were the Evergreen VIKINGS (2006) and the Leipsic VIKINGS (2003).

    ~ Viking 22

  • At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Division II Sectional at Kalida:

    1. Lima Bath
    2. Van Wert
    3. Bryan & Defiance: Defiance gets the shaft, at the end of the day Bryan and Defiance tied for 3rd, Bryan won on the fifth man score , but once again there was controversy between Bryan and Defiance. I'm from Van Wert and I heard about Bryan cheating the rules over at the Bryan Invitational last week. One of Bryan's players was taking one club length while playing winter rules...usually you get six inches....the pro went with Bryan and evidently forgot to tell everyone else that you got a club length, now today at sectionals, a much bigger situation.....the same Bryan player's dad told him where to drop his ball when taking a penalty....Before the tournament the pro at Kalida, STRESSED, no parents can even talk to their kids, stay a hole ahead, parent's can't give advice.....or else it's a two shot penalty, Bryan get's out of this one, but from what I hear Defiance is going to file a grievance....If you are going to have rules, why not enforce them....Bryan needs to learn the rules also, just my thoughts....

  • At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry, St. Mary's was 2nd in the Division 2 Sectional at Kalida.....Van Wert did not place...


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