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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Trick or Treat

Got to watch a soccer match yesterday.

It was a doosy. Bluffton got a goal with just a little over 3 minutes left in double overtime to end Riverdale’s season 2-1 in a Division III district semifinal match. Whether your are a soccer fan or not it’s all that was good about prep sports.

What I got to see was two very good teams going toe-to-toe giving everything that they’ve got . When Jaden August headed in the game-winner for the Pirates all of the Falcons surrounding the goal collapsed to the cold turf at Steinmetz Field in disappointment. Anyone who has ever lost a big game at some point in their lives can sympathize with what the Falcons were going through after being so close to victory only to have their hopes come crashing down with August’s goal.

The same can be said for understanding the way Bluffton’s kids felt after watching their jubilant celebration after a hard-fought victory over a tough Riverdale team.

That’s what’s great about sports. They teach lessons. The help kids understand how to deal with both victories and defeat. Life if full of victories and defeats, they happen on small and large scale in life for all of us every week.

I also saw excellent displays of sportsmanship on both sides with the exception of one father from Riverdale upset that his boy got hit a little too hard on one play. He stomped and swore and when one of the tournament officials asked him to tone it down he swore some more and even offered to step outside with a few of the others standing around.

I can’t say that I am a good example because I did drop an F-bomb on a particularly obnoxious female Broncos fan in my frustration at the end of the Browns game Sunday. But if we as adults don’t set a good example why should students be expected to clean up their acts on the field?

Foul language (on both sides I am told) in the Riverdale vs. Lima Senior girls soccer match, what Hopewell-Loudon’s Sean Brickner said or didn’t say to get ejected after the melee between St. Wendelin and Hopewell-Loudon disturb me. But those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and until I can look myself in the mirror and be confident that I set a good example…I’m not gonna pick up that rock.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN: Remember going door to door when you were a kid and trying to trick or treat your way to a bulging bag of candy? I’ve got a couple of halloween questions for everyone who might be interested. My favorite candy was Dots, Tootsie Rolls and Sweet Tarts and I always hated you people out there that gave me a toothbrush or apple for halloween.

So my question is what was the first piece of candy you just had to have when you opened your bag of goodies? What was the worst thing you got? Also how old is too old? Have you ever turned away a 6-4 220-pound trick or treater?

MOHAWK VS. HOPEWELL-LOUDON: Will the streak end this week? I;m not sure. Losing Sean Brickner hurts but I think H-L will rally the troops and get a win. It should be a real dandy. Anyone else want to weigh in on this one.

TOMORROW: Picks, comments on some games and maybe even a look at some volleyball.

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