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Monday, October 16, 2006

Scrapes with the law

There’s a little colorful language in this edition of The Buzz. So for the easily offended I apologize in advance.

OK I never knew by starting a blog my own criminal past would finally catch up with me.

Yep, I’m originally from Fostoria but that doesn’t mean I have a rap sheet as lengthy as some in town do. No I’ve never had a window tint violation. A ticket for loud exhaust, one for a rolling stop and another for littering after a buddy and I didn’t pick up all of our beer bottles on a fishing trip. Those without sin may cast the first stone….but I’m more than likely gonna chuck it right back at you.

Oh and how can I forget that trip to the Old Fort sectional basketball game when I was a freshman in high school. There I was with two friends. Little did I know that they packed a case of beer in a cooler. As they reached into the cooler and handed me one of those 7-ounce green bottles of Little Kings Cream Ale. How could I possibly resist. Just as I gulped down the last of the bottle, we heard a rap on the window. It was a Seneca County Deputy Sheriff. BUSTED!

We got to spend the entire game with the deputy sitting in the stands waiting for our parents to come and get us. It wasn’t a pretty sight and my mom opened up a can of whup-ass on me when I got home. I don’t know which was worse, my mom’s disappointment in what I had done or having to spend my entire 3-day in-school suspension in the St. Wendelin High School chapel.

But that story brings me to another topic athletes in trouble. I’m not talking about prep athletes because most of their scrapes with the law are much like my own were. Maybe getting busted drinking or doing something else a little foolish that we all probably did when we were teenagers. The exception to the rule are the deer decoy boys from Kenton.

I’m talking about high profile athletes at the professional and college level. Sometimes I just don’t understand them. They have everything, fame, fortune, money, cars, women and many of them just seem to piss it all away with stupid actions like taking drugs, beating up their wives and girlfriends, carrying weapons or like the Pacers players getting in an altercation involving guns at a strip club.

I know it’s easy to sit here and judge. As I drink my morning generic Chef’s Blend coffee and drive around looking for a place that sells gasoline 2 cents cheaper than anyone else, it’s hard to relate to the rich and famous. I’d like to think if I was in their situation I would use my God given athletic talent to the best of my ability and not end up like Maurice Clarett or Steve Howe. But I guess until you walk a mile in their shoes you never know.

Tomorrow a look at the area prep playoff picture and more.

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  • At 7:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know what you mean. There is someone in Lima with my name that is a sex offender.

  • At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, OHSAA has the web site wrong for Division III Golf.

    Minster was 2nd (saw them get the trophy).
    Fremont St. Joe's was 5th and Gilmour was 7th (they show the wrong score).

    Here is the results that I obtained from a picture I took of the event board at state.

    1ST. 2ND.
    1 Johnstown-Monroe 310 303 613
    2 Minster 321 310 631
    3 Gahanna Columbus Academy 321 310 631
    4 Findlay Liberty-Benton 330 309 639
    5 Fremont St. Joseph C.C. 329 317 646
    6 Mogadore 336 310 646
    7 Gates Mills Gilmour Academy 325 322 647
    8 Dayton The Miami Valley School 335 323 658
    9 Bluffton 332 329 661
    10 North Lewisburg Triad 332 334 666
    11 Portsmouth Clay 359 328 687
    12 Beaver Eastern 359 345 704


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