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Friday, December 29, 2006

Sometimes it's better to shut up!

OK I never thought I’d be blogging about lacrosse.
Hell no one around here even plays lacrosse. But I have to write a little something about the whole Duke lacrosse thing now that it seems to have blown up right in prosecutor Michael Nifong’s face.
This thing kind of smelled rotten from the beginning. I can’t imagine any area prosecutors acting in the manner Mr. Nifong has while prosecuting this case.
Something went on I’m not sure what. Maybe the woman gave the players a private show and they refused to pay her so she brought forward an allegation of assault against them. The only people that really know what happened were the players at the party and the complainant.
But Nifong is now going to be sanctioned by the NC State Bar Association. His comments to the media throughout the case haven’t been very smart. You can read some of the statements he’s being called on the carpet for here.
Prosecute the case as best you can but keep your mouth shut. I think this lawyer is going to get everything he deserves including being excluded from the case.

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  • At 10:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    First off, if they are guilty then prove it and punish accordingly. So far he is unable to do so or even mount a decent case. Otherwise, quit grandstanding and seemingly grasp at straws.

    Duke students seem to get a reputation as rich kids. Some reports give the impression that kids who play lacrosse come from families that fancy themselves as elites. Besides using the case as a bargaining chip in a political season I have wondered if someone in the Duke community pissed Nifong off? It could be a particular family or kid, perhaps the fraternity system, something like that. Nifong always came off as having a chip on his shoulder. Could he not have opted for "double secret probation"?

    That being said, if he has abused his position or is simply that imcompetent then he should be held accountable.



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