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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Post game thoughts

I covered the Riverdale-St. Wendelin game last night.

While I was happy to see my alma mater finally get a victory, I was just as sad for the Riverdale kids who went winless for yet another week. As I said in my story in today’s Courier it was an ugly game. Fumbles, poor punting, penalties at key moments and two offenses that just couldn’t move the football.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two teams combined for less than 120 yards rushing in a football game at any level in my 38 years on this earth.

As St. Wendelin celebrated their victory with a sea of gold on the field after the game my heart was filled with joy for the Mohawks. Bout as I walked over to where Riverdale’s players were all huddled around coach Jeremy Kloepfer for their post-game talk, my heart sunk seeing the faces of those kids dressed in blue that had a chance at a victory only to watch it slip away as the final seconds ticked off the clock at Baum Field Friday night.

I feel for both teams. They are struggling and have to read in the newspaper about their losing streak and are even ridiculed by their classmates at school as was indicated in my pregame interview with Kloepfer. 29 straight losses or not, I have respect for the kids at Riverdale who laid it all on the field Friday night. At least they are working their butts off in practice and trying to represent their school on the gridiron, as best they can, each and every Friday night.

There are about 160-170 boys at Riverdale and probably 75 or so play fall sports. These other 80-100 boys not playing fall sports at Riverdale shouldn’t be ridiculing anyone. They aren’t part of the solution, they are part of the problem. Same goes for some of the boys I saw on the St. Wendelin side of the field in the stands that I saw.

Tomorrow a look at the what’s ahead for area teams.


  • At 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Jamie, these kids from both schools are winners in my book. I view winners as those who put forth maximum effort. If you play as well as you can, you can't do any more than that.
    It's sad that so many kids don't participate in sports. One of the problems with Riverdale is that it has high school soccer. Small schools cannot have successful soccer and football teams. There just aren't enough athletes to go around.


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