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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wood County Mud Bowl

Talk about new playing surfaces.

I do believe after last night’s game Bowling Green is going to need one at Doyt Perry Field. Did any one watch that mud bath last night?

We flipped it on at work during the second half last night. All those living in this area that didn’t get adequate Ohio history lessons while in school might not know that much of Northwest Ohio was called the Great Black Swamp as it was being settled and BGSU is right in the heart of the old Black Swamp…if you watched last night’s game you could see why.

Not even Poe Ditch could drain all of the water that fell on Doyt Perry Field. Actually, the attendance on the boxscore was listed at something like 25,771. It looked more like 771 from what I saw on television. Did anyone reading this brave those terrible conditions? If you did, you are one helluva football fan.

As BGSU’s Sean Ellis trotted out there for his 25-yard game-winning field goal try you just knew it was doomed to failure. You ever have that sinking feeling where you are hoping for the best and but preparing for the worst? When the graphic flashed up on the screen saying that the poor kid was already only 4-of-8 on FG tries with a long of 38, I knew he wasn’t going to make it and Miami was going to escape the Mud Bowl with a 9-7 victory.

The snap was good, the hold went down but Ellis just couldn’t get enough footing in the muck and his kick looked like a duck getting hit by a shot gun as it fluttered wide left. Don’t blame the kicker, the conditions were so bad that I’m not so sure most kickers in the NFL could have made it.

We’ll be talking prep playoffs tomorrow and what a big weekend of football we’re all in store for this weekend!

DONNELL QUESTION: Great feedback on Donnell Stadium yesterday. I’m really not for getting out the bulldozers but I agree the track must go. And if you are going to put in a new synthetic surface, why not just renovate the entire stadium while they are at it. But the wheels grind slow in Findlay, indecision is often the rule rather than the exception. it’s time to get it done.

BROWNS TICKETS: I have three tickets to the Browns home game Dec. 24 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers if anyone is interested. Great seats and it would be the perfect Christmas gift for a Browns fan or someone in your family you want to keep from coming to your Christmas Eve celebration. Drop me an email if interested.

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