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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sectional time!

It’s Sunday, I went to church had my coffee and am ready to start the day.
But I have to blog.
The course of the postseason is shaped today when volleyball and soccer sectional draws are conducted throughout the Northwest District.
If you have never been to a sectional draw they can be routine or they can get heated as coaches fight for their teams to get them the best position possible on the bracket.
I’ve been to a couple, mostly in wrestling. I’ve seen teams get hosed because they were the only school from their conference at a particular meeting and the rest of the coaches just kind of shut them out. And I’ve seen coaches just throw their kids and teams in the draw figuring, if they are good enough it’s not going to matter they will win anyway.
Some of the coaches in the district in the team sports always ask the Northwest District to create super sectionals so the best of the local teams don’t always have to butt heads against one another in the first couple of rounds of sectional play. For the most part the NW District has stuck with it’s longstanding tradition of keeping teams in a relatively close geographical area together for sectionals.
It definitely creates a situation where some sectionals are better than others. Any volleyball coach worth their salt sure wouldn’t want to compete in the Division IV sectional that involves all of those outstanding teams from the Midwest Athletic Conference like New Knoxville, Marion Local and others.
I can’t blame the coaches for wanting super sectionals even if it involves a little travel to make sure the top teams are separated a little more. But I also understand why the NW District does what it does in keeping the sectionals as localized as possible. It’s a dilemma that no matter what happens someone will be unhappy.

According to Joe Eitel’s Ohio High School football site if the playoffs started today, here would be the area matchups.
Region 22
Pandora-Gilboa at Hopewell-Loudon
Columbus Grove at Mohawk
McComb at Cardinal Stritch
Region 24
Fort Loramie at Hardin Northern
Ada at Springfield Catholic Central
Region 18
Patrick Henry at Wynford
Some interesting games to say the least. But there’s still three more weeks of football to play and a lot can happen.

AND IT’S FREE: I went over and watched some of the Fostoria Boosters Invitational cross country meet. Some people just don’t get it. I like watching cross country because it’s not just one race, it’s dozens of little races inside one race as kids head to the finish line. Some kids spend it all on the 5,000-meter course and have nothing left at the end. That’s why I like cross country and because admission is FREE! The end is near and if you get the chance to go out and root on your local kids at their conference meets this weekend by all means do it.

ARCADIA-VANLUE WEEK: Anyone out there from either school? Do you have an interesting story to tell from this bitter BVC rivalry. Drop me an email I want to hear it.

NO COVER: Well the Buckeyes failed to cover the spread in this week’s 35-7 win over Bowling Green. I thought they were going to do it but were dropped for a loss on a 4th-and-1 play from inside the 20 late in the game. I don’t know I just have a bad feeling about next week’s game between the Buckeyes and Michigan State. The Spartans have been rocked by losses in the last three weeks and nothing is more dangerous than a wounded animal and Sparty is wounded right now.

NEWSLINKS: Does anyone click on the news links. Here’s what I do. I look at all of the Northwest Ohio newspapers listed on the AP’s newslink site. I try to find stories written involving local teams or teams from area conferences and post the stories. Just curious if anyone likes it or bothers to read some of the stories listed.

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  • At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I sometimes read your links, but usually I've already read the ones I'm interested in. I'm glad you post them, but I don't read them.

  • At 5:25 AM, Anonymous Blue Devil 2 said…

    I read and appreciate the Tiffin A-T link...better coverage of the MAL than the Courier. I have looked at a few of the others from time to time.


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