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Monday, October 09, 2006

Less space, more sports

I’m a little discouraged.

We have so much local sports in our area that we can’t possibly do it all justice.

I’d write a feature story every day for our daily sports section at The Courier if I could but it’s just not possible. Usually we have 3 pages, not always 3 full pages and we have to get all of our local sports results in, local stories of interest then finally squeeze what wire stories in the newspaper that we can.

That said we do what we can to cover local teams as best we can. It’s hard to compare us to surrounding newspapers. People from Hardin County and Wyandot Counties sometimes complain because we don’t give them as much coverage as the Kenton Times or Upper Sandusky Daily Chief Union. Unfortunately, we have to cover I think 30 schools or try to anyway since we circulate in all of those areas. Smaller papers like the KT and DCU do a good job of covering their teams and can cover more games because they cover 5-6 schools.

Tiffin does a pretty good job too. They typically get more space and have a Sunday section. Plus they use stringers to cover games something we don’t do and Friday nights and who knows maybe we should. We just lost our part-time sports reporter Joe Williams and we’ve had one hell of a time trying to replace him.

But I will be honest with you. Find me a newspaper in Northwest Ohio that has more local prep sports in it on a daily basis? Bueller…Bueller…Bueller? You probably won’t find one. The Lima News seems to have slipped a little in its prep coverage in the past year or so, maybe their new sports editor will change that. Even the Blade which circulates throughout Northwest Ohio and “covers” maybe 80 or so schools, you won’t find as much prep sports there on a daily basis as you will in The Courier.

But that’s why I started this blog last summer. I knew there was much more to say and write about local sports than was possible to get in the daily newspaper. Hopefully we’ll keep the discussions going.

Fresh from it’s big week and a huge win over Kalida in Putnam County League volleyball action. Leipsic stumbled a bit dropping both matches in its own tournament to Elmwood and Arlington. Coach Bob Moran isn’t too worried and figured the non-conference losses his team suffered don’t count for much. What really counts is Leipsic’s BVC return match against Arlington on Wednesday. Leipsic has to turn the tables and beat the Red Devils as the Vikings are deadlocked with Hardin Northern atop the BVC standings.

MEETING MIA: There are five teams at the Division IV sectional tournament at Arlington but only three coaches attended the seed meeting. Hardin Northern’s Amy McDaniel and Vanlue’s Kim Secord were absent for Sunday’s meeting. The other coaches were fair though and still voted the Polar Bears as the sectional’s top seed.

A GREAT WIN: Congrats to Ryan Hite in his first win as a head coach at North Baltimore and on the Tigers homecoming to boot. Too bad it had to happen against my alma mater. Maybe this will quiet some of his detractors in Tiger Town. He’s enthusiastic and a fine, upstanding young man who stands for everything right with life and athletics. That said, he’s learning to be a coach right along side his young team. I don’t think they could have made a better choice as head coach.

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  • At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    One suggestion Jamie. Put the entire box score that's faxed to you by the schools. The 2-3 paragraph write up is worthless, a full box score with first downs, rushing and passing yardage, penalities and individual stats would go much further.


  • At 3:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I disagree that the Kenton Times covers all Hardin County schools better than The Courier... for sports anyway. We often have better coverage in The Courier as opposed to a few lines in the KT.
    The Lima News has definitely narrowed its focus this year... not impressed.


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