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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And another thing

Just to keep things on track with yesterday’s blog post about the all-Ohio selections here’s something else to think about.

OK Divisions I-II come out on Monday, Divisions III-IV come out Tuesday and Divisions V-VI are released Wednesday PLUS Mr. Football is released today too.

Why overshadow the Division V-VI all-Ohio selections by releasing the Mr. Football award the SAME day? I mean no small school player ever gets the award. Just another backhanded slap to the small football playing schools in the state by the AP much like what the OHSAA is trying to do with realigning the Divisions and giving Division I schools a huge advantage as far as making the playoffs go.

There’s no reason the AP can’t let the small schools have their day in the sun and then release the Mr. Football award on Thursday.

OK on to other things. Trolling the newspaper websites this morning has me in a bit of a tizzy and it isn‘t even sports-related.

It seems like during the past week parents around the state have gone absolutely bonkers.

Here are three stories I read online this morning that were very disturbing to me:

Lorain woman charged with allegedly discarding baby
Man hid marijuana in 1-year old’s pants
Mom killed daughter in microwave
Luckily the little baby the woman stashed in the garage for three days in Lorain is in fair condition and will probably make it and the 1-year old whose father stashed the baggie of mary jane down her pants after kicking and biting his girlfriend is OK too.

But what the hell? Who are these people and what planet do they come from that make them think that this is appropriate behavior in a civilized society. They are some depraved sons-a-bitches. We bitch about parents who go overboard at little junior’s basketball games, well at least they go watch junior play. These people need to be locked up for a very long time and we need to bring their ability to bring more children into their sick and twisted world to an end.

There’s nothing that makes me madder than someone who mistreats a defenseless child.

BROWNS TICKETS: My column about trying to trade my Browns tickets for Dec. 24 for something of value has brought several offers. The first serious offer was by the Courier’s own Dave Hanneman who offered me an old softball and a hockey puck used in an FHS district final game some years back. I’ve also been offered a Super Nintendo, cash, a Budweiser golf bag, 15 pounds of aluminum cans and 30 items from a guy’s sports memoriabilia collection. It was interesting to see what people would offer for them…so they still have some kind of value I guess…just not to me.

ISHMAEL FIRST TEAM ALL-OHIO: Leaving North Baltimore has its advantages…just ask junior Wade Ishmael. He was a first team Division IV all-Ohio selection at Oak Harbor this season. He spent his previous two seasons playing foorball and baseball and wrestling at NB. I doubt if he would have gotten such high honors at NB with the struggles they had this season. He more than likely would have been singled out by opposing coaches in the MAL. At Oak Harbor, as a part of an outstanding team, schools couldn’t afford to focus on him alone. It will be interesting to see how the wrestling and baseball seasons playout.

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  • At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had no idea Ishmael once attended North Baltimore. That kid is a beast. If he adds another move or two to compliment his swim move he will be nearly unblockable. Milton-Union barely got a glove on him and Alder had to put 2-3 kids on him in order to slow him down. Great takeoff and a great motor from snap to whistle. He's as good as any kid I saw all season.

  • At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    V and VI are out.

    1. How did Bedford Chanel get 3 1st teamers and 2 2nd teamers? And coach of the year? Unbelievable. 2 of those guys on offense for a team that was defensive stats oriented (offense was slim).

    2. How can M. Busch be 2nd team after setting 2 state records in kicking?

    3. What is the deal with St. Thomas Aquinas having with the press? No playoff and gets 2 1st teamers, 2 2nd teamers and coach of the year at 7-3. Good press in that area I guess.

    4. Ayersville has a 1 teamer on defense? Nothing on Offense at all. They were a power in offense and a sieve on D (look at there scored on points, geesh)

    Note: Nice typo on the wire for division VI: Kyle Hesterman, Findlay Liberty-Benton, 6-2, 200 (what team is this kid really from?)

  • At 6:40 PM, Blogger --J-- said…

    Not sure about the Hesterman kid sounds like a Liberty Center name. That was the initial list I'm sure it will be corrected on a subsequent write through (update).

    Yep Ishmael was at NB and he's even a better baseball player than a football player.

  • At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Can someone explain C. Brunow on 1st team Def? 52 tackles and 2 picks is nothing spectacular to say the least. Justification?


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