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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Nothing like watching 110 minutes of scoreless soccer.

That’s what I drove an hour and 10 minutes to Lexington for last night. As it ended up, Kidron Central Christian managed to beat Ottawa-Glandorf in a shoot out 3-1. it’s a shame too. The thing that will stick with Ottawa-Glandorf goal keeper Aaron Leader is the three goals he allowed during the shoot out not the fact that he kept a pretty solid Kidron team off the scoreboard during regulation and 2 overtime periods.

All in all its tough that after 110 minutes a team that can make the most of 5 penalty kicks is the team that is going to advance in the tournament. I could have just went to the game at the end and probably covered it just as well because I know nothing about soccer.

In fact once, I was covering Findlay High School’s boys team in a Division I regional game at Medina early in my Courier sports writing career. The timing chain failed on my car on the way to the game in Monroeville. Luckily my brother Matt lived nearby and he picked me up and let me use his car to go to Medina to cover the game. I drove through a driving rain and snow storm to get to the contest. I pulled up just as they were walking off the field.

I followed the Trojans to the lockerroom. Talked to coach Albert Laux and some of his players and it ended up being probably the best soccer story I ever wrote -- and I never saw the game.

Wednesday’s are usually my night off but I’m being pressed into service tonight for -- you guessed it -- more soccer. Ottawa-Glandorf vs. Akron Hoban in a girls Division II regional semifinal match at Elmer Graham Stadium. I don’t mind going but could someone please just score before the shoot out tonight.

FRIGGIN’ IDIOT: OK we’re in the office every single night between 4-midnight. Our phone numbers and email at work are on every single one of our stories that appear in the paper. We’re always getting calls from people and don’t mind chewing the fat with our readers. But when and idiot call us at home in the morning and anonymously berates us for favoring one school over another that’s crossing the line of good taste.
I’m not calling out everyone, just the one friggin’ idiot who did it. Hey L-B superfan, know why the rest of the conference has contempt for you? It’s because loudmouthed fans like yourself talk too much and look down on everyone else and call people from other schools hillbillies. Thank goodness most of the L-B people I know don’t represent your views. Bu as they say one bad apple can spoil the bunch.

DESPERATE TIMES: Funny that a week before the election gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell’s top campaign personnel calls the Courier and wants to talk to us about their message. Usually the Republicans have this area all locked up. My degree is in political science (with honors I might add from Wright State University) so I love to follow politics. With Blackwell’s campaign wanting to use the Courier to get their message out to the faithful in Northwest Ohio shows the campaign’s weakness in my opinion. Welcome to the statehouse Gov. Strickland.

ALL-DISTRICT: In an upcoming blog, I’ll explain how the Associated Press all-district football teams are selected. And in turn how they pick the All-Ohio teams and why I don’t put much stock in the entire process.

ALL-LEAGUE TEAMS: We use the Saturday Prep Extra page to promote the area’s all-conference and all-district selections for fall sports. One reason is that there just isn’t enough space in the paper during the week to get them all in and this way if you are looking for your all-league selections you’ll know where to find them. This Saturday will feature the all-BVC volleyball and football teams among others.

ALL-DISTRICT GOLF: A big thank you to L-B golf coach Ben Gerken for sending me a link to the all-district golf selections for 2006. If you would like to see the entire list click here on the Willard High School golf page. They will be published most likely one week from Saturday.

STAND UP AND SHUT UP: Hey girls (or boys), I know you want to talk to your friends and you are excited to cheer for your school at the OHSAA regional game. But can you just stand up, remove your hat and SHUT UP during the star spangled banner? Show a little bit of respect by not talking to your friends during the entire national anthem. OK I’m off my soapbox for now.

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  • At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for the heads up on the all-league in the paper info.

    Sorry about our LB fan losing it. It's just plain stupid.

    Sorry you feel one individual spoils it all. I assume your just venting. It is your blog ;)

  • At 11:28 AM, Blogger --J-- said…

    One bad apple can spoil the barrel. I guess for clarifiaction sake, I'm not saying all fans of the West Findlay school are general though one idiot can make everyone else look bad in other people's eyes.

    Not mine though, I know that one fool doesn't speak for everyone.

    Oh by the way congratulations on being the 100th poster for the blog!

  • At 9:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I also know very little about soccer, but I coach some. I do think there is a couple of ways to make it more exciting. Most people like scoring. As you say 110 minutes of 0-0 is very boring.

    1. eliminate off sides. It's a rule that helps the defense? Why? in soccer why do you want to help the defense?

    2. Make the goals bigger. People would be much more likely to appreciate a 10-8 soccer game than these constant 1-0 or 2-1 games.


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